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Workplace Conflict
The harsh facts of life for business

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Survey after survey paints a depressing picture for employers and employees alike. The effects of conflict really are immense.

Our experience over the past 15 years working both in the United States of America and the UK shows us that employers need to be proactive in tackling a problem which is sinister in its effect.

Conflict damages morale reduces productivity and creates errors of tension and unhappiness in the workplace. The effect of all of that is significant damage to the bottom line for the employer. We use the word sinister simply because you cannot pick up a balance sheet and physically spot the loss that a cruise as a result of conflict. It is like a hidden virus but fortunately there is a way that employers can limit the damage and simultaneously improve staff morale thus creating a much happier and productive workplace environment.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help. Our experience is without parallel in Europe.

Just considers some of the findings of surveys in the last few years. They are facts that need no explanation.

We can help.
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